Create Custom CMIP6 Data Request

This WebGUI facilitates the use of Martin Juckes'
Data Request Python (DreqPy) API
to generate a customized requested variable list for CMIP6.

A Data Request depends on the MIPs to be supported,
the Experiments to be conducted as well as the
Experiment Tier and the Priority of the requested variables.

In the following a customized data request can be generated
either in .csv or .xlsx format. Alternatively an Excel sheet
containing the data request for all MIPs and Experiments can
be downloaded:


Select DataRequest Version


Select MIP(s)

Select Experiment(s)

Select maximum priority and tier

  Variable Priority (max)
  Experiment Tier (max)

Generate DataRequest in .CSV format

Select Include for your desired information or - if desired -
alternatively choose a number as sort order priority:
The lower the number, the higher the sort priority.
(Options with setting Include will be ignored in the sorting process!)


Generate DataRequest in .XLSX format

The Excel Sheet will also contain a Data Volume Estimate.
To retrieve a model-specific estimate, the Grid Specification-settings
under the Volume Estimate -Tab have to be adjusted.
Above attribute filters apply only when generating CSV files!

Official Links

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German CMIP6 Project & Documentation

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WebGUI How To

Video: Generate a custom Data Request Slides: Variable Mapping Slides & Video: PostProcessing Script Generation
HowTo_DreqWeG_Video HowTo_VarMapping HowTo_PP

CDO cmor Operator How To

CDO documentation Documentation (PDF) Workshop
HowTo_VarMapping cdo_cmor_user_guide DICAD_Workshop

Volume Estimate

In order to perform a Volume Estimate select the MIPs to be supported,
the Experiments to be conducted as well as the maximum Variable-Priority
and Experiment-Tier under the Requested Variables-Tab.
Then adjust below Compression and Grid Specification Settings to your needs:

Compression Ratio

   Compression in [%], Integer [1,100].

Grid Specifications


  Ocean: number of horizontal mesh points.

  Ocean: number of vertical levels.

  Atmosphere: number of horizontal mesh points.

  Atmosphere: number of vertical levels.

  Atmosphere: number of vertical levels thereof in stratosphere.

  Atmosphere/Land: number of latitude points.

  Soil: number of vertical levels.

Variable Mapping

Web Application to map a project's CMOR variables to their climate model counterparts.

At first, select a Project. The default project is CMIP6.
In order to edit a model's mapping table, select a Submodel and
click on the Model Icon or the corresponding button labeled Edit.
The Mapping Table files can be generated by
clicking on the button labeled Generate.
Mapping Table Files will be generated for each submodel individually.
In order to request the addition of another project, model or submodel,
please use the Feedback form.

Select Project

Select Model and Submodel for Project CMIP6

Model Submodel Edit or Generate Mapping-Table Files


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